Terms of Service

These are the terms of service as of November 3, 2021. By commissioning me, you agree to the terms of service. Terms of service are subject to change.

– Unless specified otherwise, I reserve the right to display commissions on the gallery and as an example for commissions.

– By default, you may not redistribute the work for commercial use unless it is an emoji, emote, icon, or logo, or an agreement has been made and paid for over distribution rights. If redistributed for commercial use, credit must given to the original artist. (Tia Savoia)

– I have the right to decline a commission for whatever reason. Examples of reasons include: The subject matter of the commission is offensive or inappropriate, the commission is something that I cannot draw, or I am currently unable to work on commissions.

– For character and concept design, you retain ownership rights to the design itself. Like other works, I reserve the right to display it in my gallery and as a commission example unless otherwise specified.

– Commissions must be ordered and paid for before the process can begin and you can receive them.