Commission Information

If you would like to commission me, please use the commission form linked below or contact me by e-mail at

Provide details of what you want. If it is a character or object with specific details, please provide references of the subject in question. Payment is accepted through Paypal! Prices are always subject to change.

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Full Color Pieces

Art that is lined and given color. This applies to things like general artwork, banners, icons, and other graphics done in the style. Price will very depending on the complexity of each subject in the image and how many things there are. Backgrounds also affect the cost depending on their complexity, if there is a background. If there is no background, please let me know whether would prefer transparency in the image or a single color.

Base price: $20 USD ($15 USD if an icon or emoji)


Simple extra character/subject: +$5 USD
Moderate extra character/subject: +$10 USD
Complex extra character/subject: +$15 USD

Simple background: +$5 USD
Moderate background: +$10 USD
Complex Background: +$20 USD (Or higher depending on further complexity)

Pixel Art

Art that is made together out of indivisual pixels, like a sprite in a video game. Pixel art price is dependant on size and has an additional cost if you would like it to be animated. The default dimensions I use for each size are listed below, but I can make the pixel art into other pixel dimensions if you specify.

Base price: $15 USD (Small 100×100) / $25 USD (Big 200×200) / $40 USD (Large 300×300)


Simple animation: +$1 USD per frame
Moderate animation: +$2 USD per frame

Character Design

An original design for a character. I can make you a design presented as either a single art piece, or a full turnaround reference of the character. Price can vary widely depending on the purpose and ownership of the design and the design’s complexity. The process will require you to be able to be contacted so that I can work with you and your needs through the design process.