Five Note

One of my characters from an old Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

Her name is Five Note. Chaotically natured, and will do anything to earn money to support her two younger sisters back at home. Willingly works as a subordinate to whoever she deems as her “boss”, but if anyone puts her family at risk, she will not hesitate to turn on them.


An alien race I made up as a kid called the Grib. I had fun giving them a re-draw and re-design into my own characters after initially making them in a game called SPORE.

Basaldera Island

Basaldera Island: A lush island that was formed from a now dormant volcano. In its center is the caldera spring known as Rostora Springs. All sorts of minerals can be found on this island, and its cliffs and waterfalls are decorated with hexagonal basalt pillars. Slimes dwell here in abundance.

Concept art I suppose, for a story series/game idea I’ve been working on. No official name for it yet, despite developing the concept for a long time! The slimes of this setting are like little mochi blobs with legs and come in a variety of colors.